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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lost dog

Whilst walking a clients dog this morning in Storeton Woods, a liver and white springer appeared and just trotted past. He looked tired and lost. By the third time I saw him I knew he was looking for his owner, he wasn't interested in coming to say hello to me. The next time I saw him he was trying to get out of the gate onto the road that runs between the two woods. Obviously, I couldn't just leave him and this time he let me stroke him and get the phone number/address from his collar. Unfortunately, it was the home number and not a mobile, so chances of anyone being home were slim, no one was home.

What do you do? Well I clipped on a lead and he came for a walk with us, we did nearly another 2 laps of the woods looking for his owner, asking everyone we passed and then we were seeing the same people who were reporting back they hadn't seen anyone looking for him.

He could have escaped from anywhere and his owner was not in the same place as we were, so I had no alternative but to pop him into the car and take him home. We arrived at his address in Bebington and luckily the neighbours were home who were able to contact the owner on their mobile and take the dog in for a while.

So glad now that I did not leave the dog, if he had got onto the busy main road it could have been awful.

Luckily, Marley who I was officially walking was very happy to have another dog tag along and he also sat very quietly whilst we took the lost dog home.

I've spoken to the owner tonight as I had to leave my lead with the dog and wanted to check all was OK and that I hoped I'd done the right thing. Thankfully, they were very happy that I'd taken him home.

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