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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Reference from Mrs Newton of Prenton

When my partner had to go away to work 3 months before our wedding I was very worried I would not be able to cope working full time, planning the wedding and looking after our 1 year old Pointer Retriever cross, Arwen.

We had to consider if we would be able to keep her when I would only be able to walk her for 20 minutes at lunch time and then leave her again to get back to work. Hazel made it possible for me to keep Arwen.

Each day Hazel has visited Arwen and walked her accordingly to what I have requested. Initially for shorter periods as Arwen was recovering from a broken leg and now for the hour. Hazel always texts me to let me know how it has gone and any little adventures Arwen has had. Each day I feel comforted and happy that Arwen gets a break in her day with someone who cares for her and appreciates her for the lovely dog she is.

The service Hazel has provided has been fantastic and far excelled my expectations. She has even been flexible when I have had to work late so that Arwen has a break in the middle of the time she is alone.

I would not hesitate in recommending Hazel to anyone. If you require someone to assist you with your pet when you are at work and want that someone to genuinely care for your pets well-being while being trustworthy, approachable and friendly then you should call Hazel. Her service is 5 star.

Thank you Hazel, Arwen and I would have been lost without you.
Michelle Newton

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Reference from Mr & Mrs Leadbetter of Bromborough

Dear Hazel

Having been away from home on holiday for 3 and a half weeks, we cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and kindness to Charlee and Barnee.

As you know we usually have family popping in to feed and look after them. This usually works o.k. but on returning from holiday we have the usual period of a few days where Charlee and Barnee are not happy with us and are very shy and will not make eye contact! To say it was different this time would be an understatement.

We have never trusted anyone outside of the family to look after Charlee and Barnee and they are now nine! as you know and it took a leap of faith to entrust them to somebody to look after and care for them as you did. Upon our return we could tell that they had been extremely happy with you and did not miss us anywhere near to our previous long spells away from home on holiday.

You have been fantastic and your updates on their behaviour whilst we were away were a great comfort to us. They are, as you know, happy little souls that love attention and love being with people. They looked so well cared for, happy and groomed when we got home we were amazed at them and we are so very grateful to you, you clearly have found your true vocation. We wish you every success in your business and we know that other pet owners will be as impressed with your exceptional service as we have been.

We would certainly recommend you to anybody wishing to have a happy, personable, professional, genuine, trustworthy kind and attentive sitter/carer etc. for their pets. You have been fabulous and we cannot thank you enough and you deserve nothing but praise for a job well done and for your business to flourish.

If you wish to post this email onto your website please feel free to do so, together with any photos of Charlee and Barnee.

Many thanks from us all!

Pet Client photos continued

More new customers

I've neglected my blog for a couple of months, I have continued to be busy and also been able to get to Spain for a lovely 10 day holiday. So here are some pictures of my new pet clients. As you can see from all the lovely photos on the blog, they are all gorgeous.