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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New client update

I've been walking Duffer since February, he's a hungarian vizsla cross. Duffer came from Hungary but unfortunately ended up in a rescue centre, lucky for him hes found a fab home. He's great.

These 5 dogs live in the same household where I have been asked to do half hour visits so they can get the opportunity to go to the loo during the day and also have a fuss. All 5 are rescues, Monty is very nervous so it will take time for him to get to know me but the others all enjoy getting a fuss and treats. Pictured below is Rug, Ollie, Monty, Max and Bea

Hamish has been in his new home for 6 weeks and I started walking him this week, so he's still learning all about his new life in his new home.

Lucas lives with her brother and 2 other cats, I look after them on an adhoc basis.