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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Eastham Country Park

Well despite the appauling weather today, I must say my daily walk around Eastham Country Park was an absolute joy. My two dogs always enjoy their run, playing with the other dogs we bump into and all that mud just does not bother them!! Whereas, all I see is my lovely liver and white springer get dirtier and dirtier until his lovely white legs can no longer be seen, just a lovely shade of mud. Luckily, my other dog is smaller, pure black and dainty so she comes home far cleaner. Most definately be a girl thing.

Happy Tails Pet Care the beginning

Following redundancy at the bank, I thought what would I really want to do for a living, I needed to grasp the opportunity to do something I really wanted. Well animals won hands down, having had pets for many years and being a true animal lover, the ability to be able to work with them would be such a thrill.

So over the last few months I've set myself the task of setting up a Pet Care business. The thought of getting up each morning looking forward to going to work and never having that 'oh no' work feeling is going to be wonderful.

Had a great guy design my website, worked with Train 2000 and Wirralbiz and lots of thought of what services I wanted to provide and areas to be covered.

All went so quickly, website went live, advertising commenced and all the necessary paperwork sorted.

All I need now are clients and their lovely pets