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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New client update

I've been walking Duffer since February, he's a hungarian vizsla cross. Duffer came from Hungary but unfortunately ended up in a rescue centre, lucky for him hes found a fab home. He's great.

These 5 dogs live in the same household where I have been asked to do half hour visits so they can get the opportunity to go to the loo during the day and also have a fuss. All 5 are rescues, Monty is very nervous so it will take time for him to get to know me but the others all enjoy getting a fuss and treats. Pictured below is Rug, Ollie, Monty, Max and Bea

Hamish has been in his new home for 6 weeks and I started walking him this week, so he's still learning all about his new life in his new home.

Lucas lives with her brother and 2 other cats, I look after them on an adhoc basis.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New clients

I thought I'd update some pictures of new clients that have come to Happy Tails Pet Care.

Feebee and Jim are two lovely Newfoundlands that I started walking in Dec 2010.

I've been walking and caring for Charlie (Lab)on an adhoc basis since July 2010, my first assignment was to care for him on the day of his owners wedding. This entailed two walks during his time alone and also taking him along to part of the wedding so he could be included in the wedding photos. I was booked a few times last summer where clients wanted their dog(s) to be in their wedding pics. Daisy a English Springer Spaniel joined the family in December 2010, so I also now get the opportunity to walk and care for her. Spent alot of time with them this weekend and what a pleasure they both are.

Last week I started to visit Jessica an English Bull Terrier (10 weeks old) and Jasper an English Springer Spaniel (8 weeks old). Both clients needed someone to pop in whilst the puppies where on their own. Jessica is very relaxed and Jasper is so bouncy.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Reference from Mr & Mrs Leigh, Bebington

We found Hazel approximately 10 months ago when we became the proud owners of our white german shepherd, Marley. We were looking for someone to help with walking him when we couldn’t be there.

Hazel has been a god send, doing much more than she had to on some occasions! Taking Marley whenever needed, even at short notice, sometimes to Storeton Woods/ the Beach, where he has a wonderful time. Hazel has a wonderful manner and Marley feels at ease with her, he is so excited when he sees her and pops straight in the back of her car without a look back at us!. It makes us feel very happy that he is in such good hands and is having a good time.

The service Hazel provides is excellent. I would trust Hazel 100% with both Marley and our house/personal things as Hazel does have access to our house when we are not there. He always returns very happy and content after his play and has a good rest when back at home.

I don’t think there is anyone more dedicated on the Wirral. We would recommend Hazel/Happy Tails Pet Care to anyone that is looking for services she can provide. She is very trustworthy, very personable and we now consider her as a friend to the family and not only Marley.

Thanks Hazel for everything you have done and continue to do for Marley.

Mark and Teresa Leigh

Friday, 21 January 2011

Another home check for North Clwyd Animal Rescue

I completed my 3rd home check for NCAR on Monday, for a 7 month old collie who is going to be called Megan. Shes going to have a great new home with a lovely couple who will adore her. Its great that some of these dogs are getting rehomed around the Wirral area as there are so many great places to take them to.

I've been looking at the NCAR website and there are so many animals looking for homes, I always feel so gutted when I see all the lovely animals and so many coming in. Wish I could take more but my two dogs and two cats keep me busy.

Least I can help by supporting them with the home checks and so far all have been great new homes.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Home check

Well, I went to Great Sutton to do a home check for Dan from North Clwyd Animal Rescue. I was greeted by Dan who had had a sleep over there last night. The couple had seen Dan a few times at the rescue and they had been allowed to take him for a few walks and a home visit. The rescue really encourage you to get to know your possible new pet and to make sure you are happy with your new family member.

Well Dan had truly settled in, he was so happy and he had definately landed on his paws. After spending the last 2 years in rescue, he had adapted to his new comforts without any effort.

Good luck Dan, enjoy your new life.

Lost dog

Whilst walking a clients dog this morning in Storeton Woods, a liver and white springer appeared and just trotted past. He looked tired and lost. By the third time I saw him I knew he was looking for his owner, he wasn't interested in coming to say hello to me. The next time I saw him he was trying to get out of the gate onto the road that runs between the two woods. Obviously, I couldn't just leave him and this time he let me stroke him and get the phone number/address from his collar. Unfortunately, it was the home number and not a mobile, so chances of anyone being home were slim, no one was home.

What do you do? Well I clipped on a lead and he came for a walk with us, we did nearly another 2 laps of the woods looking for his owner, asking everyone we passed and then we were seeing the same people who were reporting back they hadn't seen anyone looking for him.

He could have escaped from anywhere and his owner was not in the same place as we were, so I had no alternative but to pop him into the car and take him home. We arrived at his address in Bebington and luckily the neighbours were home who were able to contact the owner on their mobile and take the dog in for a while.

So glad now that I did not leave the dog, if he had got onto the busy main road it could have been awful.

Luckily, Marley who I was officially walking was very happy to have another dog tag along and he also sat very quietly whilst we took the lost dog home.

I've spoken to the owner tonight as I had to leave my lead with the dog and wanted to check all was OK and that I hoped I'd done the right thing. Thankfully, they were very happy that I'd taken him home.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

North Clwyd Animal Rescue - APPEAL

I volunteer at the above rescue, whilst working at HBOS we started supporting this Charity and we were so impressed at the good work they do. Following my redundancy I have continued to support them, helping out at Open Days and carrying out home checks on the Wirral for rehoming. I took a call from them today asking if I was available to do a home check this week (I will always find time to help them), they said it was Dan, he has been there for so long, its so heart warming that he now has a chance of a 'forever home'. By the time it gets to the home check, all vetting has been done and its just a final check that all is OK. Dan is actually having a sleep over tonight at his perspective new home and its his second visit to start to get to know his new dog pal too. How fantastic.

If anyone is looking to rehome a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig, can you please have a look at this rescue. They have a no kill policy, so the animals are safe unlike some rescues, but, they are a fab rescue, so dedicated to what they do. There are so many animals in need of a new 'forever' home.

Please help if you can.

Many people consider that 'rescue' dogs will be a problem, damaged goods etc etc. I have two dogs, both are rescues and they are so loving. When we took on our dogs, Penny was 2 1/2 years old and Jack was 16 months old. Both came to our home at different times/years, both had to be introduced to our cats that were already resident and to each other. Penny was found as a stray and Jack was homeless due to a marriage breakup. Please don't write off rescue dogs, its such a worthwhile thing to do if you have the time and committment to be a dog owner.

Happy New Year

We had a lovely Christmas Day lunch out at the Dibbinsdale with family and friends. Woke up on Boxing Day and yes the flu virus had hit. Although, my husband had been suffering before Christmas, we just put it down to manflu but now me and our daughter were also starting to suffer. Many of my customers had taken time off work over christmas, which allowed me to also take time off but all the plans unfortunately didnt happen as we were just not up to going out, even missed a New Years eve party.

Glad to say everything now back on track, back to work today and had a great day. Its amazing how you miss your regular customers when you haven't walked them for a week or so.

Will be taking more pics this week to get them posted on the blog, I started to walk two Newfoundlands last month and this week I'm starting to do some dog sitting for four german shepherds so will share the pics soon.

Finally, many thanks to my clients for the christmas presents, very unexpected and very kind of you.