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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

We had a lovely Christmas Day lunch out at the Dibbinsdale with family and friends. Woke up on Boxing Day and yes the flu virus had hit. Although, my husband had been suffering before Christmas, we just put it down to manflu but now me and our daughter were also starting to suffer. Many of my customers had taken time off work over christmas, which allowed me to also take time off but all the plans unfortunately didnt happen as we were just not up to going out, even missed a New Years eve party.

Glad to say everything now back on track, back to work today and had a great day. Its amazing how you miss your regular customers when you haven't walked them for a week or so.

Will be taking more pics this week to get them posted on the blog, I started to walk two Newfoundlands last month and this week I'm starting to do some dog sitting for four german shepherds so will share the pics soon.

Finally, many thanks to my clients for the christmas presents, very unexpected and very kind of you.

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