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Sunday, 6 February 2011

New clients

I thought I'd update some pictures of new clients that have come to Happy Tails Pet Care.

Feebee and Jim are two lovely Newfoundlands that I started walking in Dec 2010.

I've been walking and caring for Charlie (Lab)on an adhoc basis since July 2010, my first assignment was to care for him on the day of his owners wedding. This entailed two walks during his time alone and also taking him along to part of the wedding so he could be included in the wedding photos. I was booked a few times last summer where clients wanted their dog(s) to be in their wedding pics. Daisy a English Springer Spaniel joined the family in December 2010, so I also now get the opportunity to walk and care for her. Spent alot of time with them this weekend and what a pleasure they both are.

Last week I started to visit Jessica an English Bull Terrier (10 weeks old) and Jasper an English Springer Spaniel (8 weeks old). Both clients needed someone to pop in whilst the puppies where on their own. Jessica is very relaxed and Jasper is so bouncy.