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Monday, 28 June 2010

June - New Clients

I'm so pleased that my business is going from strength to strength. I've had more new customers sign up for my services of dog walking and cat sitting, plus 4 lovely rabbits to care for. Life is so different to that of 12 months ago, when I was working for the bank. Life now is still busy but I'm now doing something that I love.

Thought I would share some pictures of my new pet clients.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Benefits of Cat Sitting

Many ponder what to do with their beloved cats when going on holiday or if working away. Should they ask family/friends, should they use a Cattery. Here are some of the benefits of using Happy Tails Pet Care

You pet remains in familiar and secure environment. All smells and sounds remain the same.

Cats do not like change and going away from their home can be very stressful for them.

Continuation of the same diet and exercise routine.

No upset of having to travel.

Your cat(s) receive personal attention and love whilst you are away.

All services are tailored to you, so if you want your cat(s) to be brushed daily, medication given, eyes wiped or any other service, I will provide it.

Less exposure to illness as they won't be in confined areas next to other cats

You won't be upset having to take your cat(s) to an unknown, possibly noisy environment

Your home is regularly visited and gets the lived in look, post taken in, plants watered, bins out and if required I will even get you some shopping in for your return.

And finally, you can go on holiday/away on business knowing your cat(s) are in caring loving hands and you can relax and not worry. I'll even send you a daily text giving you an update on my visits.

What have you to lose, make a no obligation appointment to meet me before you decide if you want to go ahead with a booking or not.

My service gives you the flexibility you need and I always give 110% to ensure the pets in my care are looked after and loved like my own.

Here are some pictures of my lovely cats, Belle and Jasmine who are 8 years old this month.


Got new booking this weekend for a lovely cat called Lenny. He has had a very sad past. He was neglected and when taken in by the Rescue Centre, he was suffering from a very bad case of ear mites. Following treatment his ears heeled but as you can see from the photo they were damaged. He now has a lovely home in Bromborough, with very kind owners where you can see he is so happy. When visiting he was always there to greet my arrival, obviously, cupboard love as he knew I was going to feed him. He is such a friendly little cat and a total pleasure to look after.

More new customers

My services are becoming very popular and now also starting to get repeat customers, its such a satisifying job that I do and its brilliant that my clients are so happy with the service I provide to them and their pets.