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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reference from Mrs Thorpe of Bromborough

Dear Hazel

I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to you for looking after our cats when we have been working away or on holiday this year, and to thank you in advance for all the other visits you will make in the future.

Like many pet owners, the demand on family members to come by each day and look after our cats was sometimes too much for the family members, and not enough for our girls. Until you came along, we had been wary of having a stranger in our home, and taking responsibility for our girls. We needn’t have worried with you though!

Each time we have returned home after you have been looking after them, they have been calm and content, sometimes acting as if we’d only been gone a few hours! This is amazing, bearing in mind their very different personalities and preferences - one that is very shy, prefers to be left alone and seeks attention on her own terms, and the other that would demand attention 24/7 if she could get it!

We find your text updates letting us know how they’re getting comforting and reassuring, especially when we’ve been away for a few days at a time. I can’t recommend your services highly enough and would be pleased to provide a reference to any prospective clients.

Your flexible services working around each client, in our case paying two or more visits a day to enable the cats to be out and about and have cuddles and attention is important to us, especially during the summer when they like to roam around.

We are comfortable leaving our cats and our keys with you, knowing they are in safe hands, which makes our trips away all the more enjoyable as we know we will be returning to happy girls, no post on the doorstep, and plants still alive – all of which are part of the extended service and are really appreciated, thanks!

Janet Thorpe

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