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Monday, 15 November 2010

Reference from Mr and Mrs McDonnell of Prenton

When we got our boxer pup, Murphy we needed to find someone reliable, trustworthy, caring and flexible to help look after him when we couldn’t be around - how relieved we were to find Hazel. She’s excelled our expectations and really couldn’t have managed without her. We leave Murphy knowing that when Hazel visits (sometimes twice a day) he’ll be extremely well looked after, fussed, fed and walked. All visits meet not only our needs but also Murphy’s needs. When he was a puppy Hazel played with him and now he’s able to go out she varies the activities and walks she takes him on. Hazel has supported us in his training by working on his socialisation, heel and lead walking during her visits. Recently he’s been out in her car to the local field on a long line lead practising recall which is just fantastic. Not only does Murphy have a great time but he’s shattered so we don’t have to worry about taking him out in the evening. Even better is the fact that once Hazel leaves he had so much fuss, attention and exercise that he sleeps which means we don’t come home to find he’s dug even more holes in the garden!

Hazel’s been flexible and accommodating when arranging dates and times and has often come to our rescue at very short notice. I love the fact she texts to let me know how things have gone. Each visit she’s totally focused on Murphy and conveys a real interest in him and his development - I’m sure she’s exactly the same with all her other clients. We feel totally confident allowing Hazel into our house, she offers fantastic service in a professional and client-centred way. Her dedication and love of pets is obvious and she is knowledgeable and skilled in animal behaviour.

I can’t speak highly enough of Hazel and her services and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with pets. For us Hazel has been invaluable, Murphy and I can’t thank her enough.

Kirsten & Mike McDonnell, Prenton.

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